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 FDC Professional Services are available through statements of work, ongoing "ABH" agreements, and per incident pricing.

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About FDC Professional Services

FDC Professional Services are a series of job functions fulfilled at your request by Four Directions Consulting LLC in one of the following areas.

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support - Need an analyst to assist with designing or building a report?  Experiencing technical difficulties?  SME Support engagements provide technical expertise for on-demand and project-based assistance with specific issues.

  • Current State Assessment (CSA) - Do you have a general goal or objective and are struggling with where to begin?  Current State Assessments outline the readiness of your team, technology, and operations through a series of evaluations in order to develop a bespoke roadmap toward success.  Typical engagements require 3-4 weeks between information gathering, analysis, and recommendation and are often a prerequisite for Project-Based Consultations.

  • Project-Based Consultation - Now that you know what needs to be done, FDC Professional Services can help turn your plans into action.  With decades of technical and operational experience in various public and private sectors of industry, our consultants are ready to help you achieve successful results while mitigating risks throughout the engagement.  Project-Based engagements adhere to the needs of our clients with continuous analysis and advisory roles while supporting Agile, Critical Path, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Six Sigma, Waterfall methodologies in addition to Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for systems and software.

  • vCxO Advisory Services - Are you looking to build a vision for a new line of business or trying to strategize and budget for all of the necessary requirements?  Wonder how the latest trends affect your day-to-day operations (if they do)?  Virtual Executive (vCxO) Advisory Services help address organizational issues to align business and technology needs with horizontal and vertical management, executive coaching, and budgetary advice.
What is ABH?

Traditional professional service engagements stipulate few hourly rates for clients.  In these conditions, prepaid service engagements often focus on a "block of hours" for one type of service.  Coordination and management of each block often creates struggles between clients and vendors to maintain alignment of utilization.

As the nature of FDC Professional Services ranges from highly scoped to highly strategic, the degree of skill and effort results in a 4-tiered pricing model between analyst and executive consultation work.

To simplify the process, Four Directions Consulting LLC utilizes Average Billable Hours (ABH) as a streamlined method to prepay for various FDC Professional Services in addition to providing a discount related to the individual hourly rates associated with various tasks.  Each ABH tier (10, 50, 100) provides a discount incentive to the 4-tiered pricing model and operates in much the same way as a prepaid gift-card.

No.  FDC Professional Services are available to assist with your needs on-demand and billed based on the type of work required.  ABH packages are intended to help streamline the engagement process with FDC Professional Services.  For questions about FDC Professional Services, ABH, or general inquiries, please email info@fourdirectionsconsulting.com.

Unfortunately, no.  The ABH program only applies to FDC Professional Services delivered by Four Directions Consulting LLC.  All other products and services are dependent upon their respective brands and suppliers.  Not to worry!  We monitor these for various promotions, special bids, and supplier discounts on your behalf!

As mentioned above, ABH operates much like a prepaid gift-card.  As such, multiple bundles and multiple types can be ordered at any time.  Please note, rollover allowance and discounts are bundle specific.  

Four Directions Consulting LLC wants to ensure the value of your prepaid monthly commitment for FDC Professional Services.  For this reason, ABH-50 and ABH-100 packages allow for the unused portion to accumulate into the following month up to the respective package limit or expiration of the package's commitment term.  Available portions are utilized in order of accumulation.

  • Example 1:  ABH-50 is a 3-month commitment term.  Unused portions from month 1 may apply to month 2, but not to month 3.  Unused portions from month 3 will expire at the end of the month.
  • Example 2:  ABH-100 is a 6-month commitment term.  Unused portions from month 1 may apply to months 2, 3, and 4.  Unused portions from month 4 may apply to months 5 and 6.  Unused portions from month 6 will expire at the end of month.

ABH bundles are utilized in the following order in effort to deliver the most value:

  • ABH-10 (No Monthly Commitment)
  • ABH-50 Rollover (from previous 1-month)
  • ABH-50 Current
  • ABH-100 Rollover (up to previous 3-months)
  • ABH-100 Current

Once all bundles have been applied, standard T&M rates will apply.