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Supplier Profile:  eGoldFax


It works where and how you work.


Never miss a fax.


End-to-end encryption.


Enterprise solution, small business price.

The Perfect Pairing for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

Users can easily send and receive faxes directly in their Office 365® email account. Received faxes can automatically be routed to Microsoft Teams® and stored for any user with access to the Team.

Security, Compliance and Reliability

eGoldFax enterprise-class fax solution helps organizations of all sizes ensure the highest levels of fax security, compliance, reliability, scalability, traceability, and reproducibility of all fax pages for regulatory compliance. Select eGoldFax COMMERCIAL or eGoldFax GOVERNMENT for US government organizations.

eGoldFax Government

eGoldFax Cloud Fax Service provides fax solutions for Commercial and Government customers. eGoldFax  GOVERNMENT is hosted on the Microsoft Azure US Government cloud infrastructure that meets additional government security and compliance requirements for US federal, state, local, or tribal entities, and their partners.

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