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Four Directions Consulting works tirelessly to identify and cultivate partnerships with innovative and reliable technology solutions providers.  Our network of manufacturers, resellers, service providers, carriers, and consultants offer best-in-class technology and subject matter expertise across a vast array of industries in the public and private sectors.  Vendors choose Four Directions Consulting for their ability to facilitate open communications for the right solution while eliminating communication barriers.  Clients choose Four Directions Consulting as the trusted advisor with extensive knowledge and dedication to their clients' needs.

The FDC Marketplace enables customers to obtain technology equipment and services through a secure supply chain.

Benefits of the FDC Marketplace


Streamlined Procurement 

The FDC Marketplace serves as the go-to resource for your business technology needs.  Whether you are looking for a direct purchase, help identifying the right provider, obtaining competitive quotes, or assistance throughout the bid solicitation process, our network of experts stands ready to help!

Four Directions Consulting also coordinates with your organization's finance and compliance departments to address any questions around purchasing policies, regulatory requirements, and vendor screenings.

Diversity and Sustainability 

The combined expertise of the FDC Marketplace spans across all sizes and industries of business operations.

As a registered small, minority, and service-disabled veteran owned business, we value the sustainability that comes with a diverse portfolio of suppliers to deliver superior results.

As a Native American owned company, Four Directions Consulting also strives to provide solutions that sustain the environment and improve the lives of our communities through the use of technology.

Vendor Management 

First and foremost, Four Directions Consulting operates as a valued trusted advisor to and extension of our clients.  Purchases through the FDC Marketplace are the result of rigorous and ongoing efforts to identify and address needs on behalf of our clients, but procurement is only the beginning.

Four Directions Consulting commits to ensure our client's needs are met through overseeing vendor engagements from the FDC Marketplace for the duration of any project, subscription, or other termed agreement.  We stand by the role of trusted advisor in all engagements. 

Our Growing Network

Let us know your thoughts!

The FDC Marketplace is designed to be the preferred resource for any technology and innovation needs, and we are constantly working to update our listings.  Not seeing a particular supplier?  Let us know about your needs and we will work to identify the right resources through our network of systems integrators, value-added resellers, carriers, application developers, and consultation services.

Let us know what you like about this supplier, or any questions you have.

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